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Program Details

The Virginia Living Wage Certification Program, a program of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, recognizes and honors employers that pay living wages. Since 2018 the program has certified more than 150 employers around the Commonwealth. Alexandria Living Wage partners with local volunteers to foster rich connections with employers in the region.

Wage Levels

As of 2022, our program has one certification level:

Gold: $17.50 per hour or more

Benefits to Employers


Becoming a Living Wage certified employer affords you an official certification, a digital badge for your website, a window cling, and recognition with potential values-aligned job applicants and consumers.

Business Promotion

Regular business promotion is offered through both new media and print advertisements.


Becoming a certified Living Wage employer makes visible your commitments to employees and raises your company profile amongst potential job seekers and customers.

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Get Transparency on our Numbers

Living Wage criteria are based on data from the MIT Living Wage Calculator as well as best practices from living wage certification programs across the globe. Determining a living wage is not a static process, and the Northern Virginia Living Wage Certification program seeks to handle the adaptive nature of living wages in a way that is considerate of the needs of employees and employers alike. The program reserves the right to revisit criteria yearly and make any necessary adjustments to better reflect principles of upholding dignity for workers and adding value to area employers.