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"Breaking the cycle of generational poverty is the moral challenge of our time. It is the key to unlocking the potential for our families to advance their futures, and the futures of our children.

Jobs are important, but jobs that are worked full-time and still leave those workers below the poverty level may help a corporate bottom line but it will not lift someone up from the bottom. $11 an hour is a good start. $16 is an even greater difference maker."

-Mayor LeVar Stoney | City of Richmond

"At Bon Secours, the motivation for us to pay a just wage is much simpler than all of the reasons I just listed. As a ministry of the church we believe strongly that our coworkers are our brothers and sisters in God’s global family; and that they were all made in His image.

Thus, for us it is a moral imperative that we make decisions, such as offering a just wage, that reflect this belief."

- Paul Junod | Bon Secours Health System

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Latest Updates